Meet Bianca Burge from Plan B Sleep Consulting

We sat down with Bianca Burge from Plan B Sleep Consulting to chat all thinks sleep (or lack thereof), and learn some gentle tips on how to get your child to go to bed…

What advice would you give new mums who are experiencing very little sleep right now? 

You will get through it. The first few months with a newborn is one big blur of emotion and survival mode. Don’t worry if your baby sleeps on you if they are distressed or unable to link their sleep cycles. Once they hit 4-6 months they are biologically mature enough to start consolidating their sleep cycles, which is when you would expect formal sleep training to begin. 

Is night waking normal and what’s your advice to help manage all the different stages? 

Yes, we all wake through the night. The key is the ability to resettle and fall back to sleep without needing assistance. Newborns aren’t biologically equipped to continuously link sleep cycles their for needing more hands on assistance to fall asleep. As they grow we are able to teach them this vital skill. By 4-6 months baby have that ability and can be taught. 

What are some useful tips parents can implement to help get their babies and or toddlers to go to bed? 

Creating the perfect sleep setting is vital for restorative sleep. Introduce white noise, from around 6-8 weeks make the room pitch black for all sleeps and create predictability from day one. By doing this it allows our little ones to know what’s going on and create positive associations to bed.

How important is a strict bedtime? Is timing crucial? And why?

Yes, it is very important especially in the early stages of sleep training. Once your little one has developed positive foundations you can bend the rules every now and then though. Children thrive off routine and predictability. 

I’m team fitted sheet. Do you use a fitted sheet and a flat sheet? And why?

I love fitted sheets! They are just so easy to take on and off if your little one has wet through. I find flat sheets just get in the way. In terms of babies and flat sheets, I would only be recommending you use them when a child is in a big bed. 

Do you have any other advice or tips you’d like to share?

I know it’s tough and you second guess every little thing you are doing but please know you are doing an amazing job. Enjoy your little ones because they don’t stay little for long. You can start implementing positive sleep from day one but don’t get caught up on routine. Bath your baby each night to let them know that big sleep is near, black out their room from 6-8weeks, introduce white noise and the baby shusher from day one and invest in some good quality cotton fitted sheets to help them regulate their temperature. 



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